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Cove Lighting

Coves can be made at the center of the ceiling, curvilinear or round coves, vertical coves, and other special shapes and
types of openings can create an extensive range of effects. The cove lighting offers the perfect combination of scale,
performance, and control to create vibrant lighting effects. Indirect lighting from a cove which is the special feature plays
a significant role in establishing the mood or atmosphere of a room. Being used effectively with other lighting techniques,
cove lighting can illuminate the sense of drama in a room or make a room feel brighter and provide more cheerful look.
Cove lighting can emphasize intriguing architectural detail such as unusual ceiling lines or coffered ceilings.

Advantages Of Cove Lighting

1. Cove lighting can illuminate the room with soft glow, making the room very attractive.

2. Coupled with light features - can create party, romantic and relaxation mood easily.